Subscription tier update and announcing the winner of the SCH Bracket Challenge

A few updates for your Monday morning reading.

Subscription tier update and announcing the winner of the SCH Bracket Challenge
Photo by Josh Appel / Unsplash

A few things to tidy up with the 2022-23 NHL season now officially in the books.

First off, we need to crown a winner from the Second City Hockey Bracket Challenge. There was only one entry that correctly picked the Vegas Golden Knights as the Stanley Cup champs, and that entry also turned out to be the winner.

Congrats to ...

B-Rad Swag!

B-rad ... Brad? Can we call you Brad? We assume it's Brad. Send us an email to or shoot us a tweet @2ndCityHockey, as we have a prize for ya. Thanks to everyone who participated and we'll definitely bring that back again next postseason.

Subscription Tiers Update

Now for the other part of business on this agenda.

About one month ago, we unveiled the subscription tiers that would be the future of this website. For those who need a reminder, the details are in this post:

Connor Bedard’s coming to Chicago. Here’s how you can support Second City Hockey’s coverage of this exciting new era of Blackhawks hockey!
How you can support the continued existence of Second City Hockey!

The support we've already received from the SCH community has been incredible and we once again express our deepest, most sincere gratitude to those who've contributed to the continued existence of this website in any way.

With the prior season over, those subscription tiers will now go into effect. The general idea is that all of the articles requiring deeper analysis will be exclusive to our subscribers. Examples of that content is on the way this week, with LBR compiling extensive information on players the Blackhawks could be selecting during next week's draft. More is on the way this summer and we'll have plenty more when next season arrives. Visit that link above to sign up yourself, if you haven't already, or click this handy little button below:

We're nine days away from Connor Bedard joining the Blackhawks. Hop along for the ride ... it should be a fun one.