Top of the lottery prospects: Connor Bedard and his lethal shot

The 17 year-old superstar prospect failed to register a point in a WHL game for the first time since Sep. 23.

Top of the lottery prospects: Connor Bedard and his lethal shot
Source: Regina Pats (Keith Hershmiller)

In the three games since we last checked in on Connor Bedard, he’s continued to rack up points at a historic pace — scoring four goals and adding two assists while taking 17 shots — but the biggest news of all may be that he was finally held without a point for the first time in 35 games.

Bedard failed to score during the Regina Pats’ Feb. 3 game against the Lethbridge Hurricanes — a game which Regina still won, 3-2.

Often in sports, we see a bit of a hangover or recalibration after a player loses an extended streak. They need a minute to recover and refocus, to get over the disappointment that stems from the absence of the solitary goal they’ve been chasing so hard. It can be difficult to move past that. So how did Bedard respond?


Bedard recorded his sixth hat trick (in 39 games) during Regina’s Feb. 11 game against the Moose Jaw Warriors. He continues to lead the WHL in both goals (48) and points (96) — and his release may already be one of the best in the entire world.

TSN recently put together a video about the evolution of his shot — including how an injury to his right wrist made him practice with only his left hand for weeks — which not only forced him to develop his backhand but aided in taking his wrist shot to an entirely different level.

Maybe one day Bedard’s backyard goal set up will go down in the same lore as Sidney Crosby’s dryer.

Connor Bedard’s calling card is his shot. It’s what’s going to make him an elite goal scorer in the NHL, starting next season. The simple threat of that shot is enough to freeze goalies as he drives the slot and his ability to hide his release makes it nearly impossible to pick up the puck as it explodes off his stick.

If you’re interested in seeing his shot got broken down even further, there’s a hockey training YouTube channel that watched 100 of his goals from juniors to dissect his tendencies and determine how he’s already become such a lethal scorer.

And if you want to learn more about the kid himself, The Athletic followed him for two days as he practiced with the Pats in preparation for their Jan. 29 game against Medicine Hat (a game in which which he scored a hat trick in).